Blender Documentation Problem

Okay, so I wasn’t quite sure where to ask this question but I stumbled upon this good looking community and figured someone here might be able to help. Viewing the blender documenation project I found it to be very informative. So I jumped into the “Your First Animation in 30 Minutes” section. I ran into a problem here. The keystrokes for duplicating and flipping the body don’t work. I figure it’s out of date for the new blender version. Can anyone recommend some better documentation or getting started tutorials for a complete 3d animation beginner? Thanks so much! And sorry if this is just an annoying newb question.

At present there is no 100 % up to date documentation. It’s a lot of work and documentation is done often by the same people developing blender.
(Blender 2.3 guide is coming very soon)

For your problem:
Duplicat with Shift+D should work.
The key for the mirror function now is the M-Key in Edit mode (a popup with several options will appear).
In objectmode you have to use the N-key popup and change the size to the negative value i.e. SizeX to -SizeX