Blender does always the the command I just did before...

Really strange, if I click or do anything in blender, for example click on an object to select it nothing happens, if I then click on something else or press N to open the rightsidemenu the object I clicked on just before get selected…

So anything I want to do I have to do it twice to get it done, selecting, open menus, push buttons and so on.

Have an modern laptop Acer Aspire 5750G, intel core j5-2410M 2 2.3 ghz, windows 7
Graficcard: Nvidia GeForce GT 540M up 1750 MB turbocache.

Used blender with this machine for more than two years without any troubbles.
I think it started after updating the nvidia driver, went to nvidias homepage and downloaded older drivers, installed then, restarted and the issue still remains…

Does somebody have a clue to a soluthion ? would be SO happy to get this working again…

Everything works just fine in the computer, like the Adobe programs and so on, just not Blender… tried so many drivers now on the graficcard that I doubt it is the card. Using the latest Blender and tried several erlier versions but the same… reinstallation of the computer maybe ? :frowning:

I’m using Blender 2.63 and have the exact same problem… I’ve been working around it by sliding the mouse indicator out of a viewport so that it updates correctly. However, it’s really becoming difficult to use as some of the submenu’s/tooltips/ etc won’t update/display until I move the mouse away, at which time it also tends to close the menu/tooltip, so it just sort of blinks off.

Even sliding the mouse pointer down a menu will always highlight a previous selection rather than where my mouse is currently sitting. This first started happening when I accidentally opened Blender twice. At first it seemed ok, but laggy, with this delayed response issue. I noticed the second blender opening and closed it… but although the lag disappeared, it’s been doing the delayed response thing ever since then.

Did you ever get a solution to your issue? It’s getting harder to use as I get further into learning to use it.

I’m using a Desktop computer, Gateway DX4860, Intel Core I5-2320 CPU @300GHz, 8GB of RAM, 64-Bit OS, using Windows 7 Home Premium (SP1). My GPU is the Intel HD Graphics 1000 (GT1) (850MHz) (1808 MBytes)

Well… quick update… It has fixed itself… No idea how or why, but it no longer does it. :slight_smile:
uhh… thanks for the help? :stuck_out_tongue: