Blender. Does it have an SFM like lock?

To elaborate on what I mean with this - in SFM you can take a character’s hand and place it onto another character’s shoulder for example and then lock it. Whenever that character’s shoulder will move - the hand placed on it will move with it.

I’ve often heard people mentioning object constraints on this, but thus far I haven’t found the object constraint that would work for something like this because most of the times I try to use them, the other model spazzes out to infinity and beyond for some reason. (Most likely due to me not properly using them.)

Thanks for taking your time and reading this. Stay safe!

They’re probably spazzing out because you’re creating dependency loops-- no clear hierarchy of action.

Yes, you can do something similar. You make sure your rig has an IK hand control, and if it doesn’t, you create one. Then you can make the IK target the child-of a shoulder bone and animate the influence to “lock” like you’re saying. (“Lock” isn’t a term anybody uses for Blender, though.) Or, you could have the IK target copy transforms from an empty, that is parented or child-of’d to the bone instead.

The relevant places to look are on the properties view, in bone constraints or object constraints tabs. You need to think about what you’re doing, because some things won’t make sense: you can’t have the hand controlled by the shoulder if the shoulder is ultimately controlled by the hand. If you do something that doesn’t make sense, it’ll twitch and not work right.

Bandages is correct. Just to sumarize: you place your character’s hand in IK mode on to the other character’s shoulder, and create a child-of constraint from the Ik hand control to the shoulder bone control (i.e. the hand is child of the shoulder).