Blender does not default to the user preferred path when installing addons

The title most likely explains it all.
I have installed a fresh copy of Blender to my D: drive which is located on a HDD. My main OS is on a SSD. On it, Blender is a MSI-based x64 installation on a Windows 10 Pro machine. I found on the internet that we can actually choose a custom addons folder in Blender.
I have set my scripts folder as so:

Even though I set it to the D:\ drive, when I tried installing an addon, it was dumped into the C:\ drive. Then after one more Google search, I found that I have to do an EXTRA ‘irritating’ step, i.e. to do this:

HoW Do I SeT BLeNdEr tO dEfAuLt To tHe PrEfErEnCeS fOLdER?

Your Blender Preferences are marked with a star * … so they aren’t saved yet… if you want them as default preferences and not only changed in this blender file then you have to hit this button. Looking at the menu button (three lines left to Pref…) you can select different options like autosave…

I rechecked and yes, the Prefs have retained. I did hit that button.

You’re right, it is annoying to say the least. If you set that path in preferences, it is because you “prefer” to pile add-ons there. That’s why I never install add-ons within blender, I “prefer” to just unzip into my custom add-ons folder manually. It is also faster, since I don’t have to locate any zip file: once I download it I click on the file (still in browser) and then extract in the right path (I use 7zip that keeps memory of the last used folders).

Turns out manual installation is the best way of not accidentally writing to the SSD. Thanks for the confirmation.