Blender does not launch - please help

My first post need help please.

I downloaded Blender 3D, unstuffed it, launched the application and nothing happens. It will not launch. I am on a Mac, running 10.4.6. Is my system update too new for Blender?

hey, welcome to the forums

i am using an imac g5 with os 10.46 (the same version as you), and i havent encountered any problems, can you tell us what hardware you are running?

Blue G4 1.6 Gigahertz, 896 Megs of SDRAM

Try launching from the OSX terminal app and see if blender is throwing any error messages.

I am having the same problem, downloaded blender about an hour ago, I am on an iMac G5, 1.86 Hz PowerPC G5 512 MB, using 10.4.6

The blender folder appears in my desktop and when I try launching the program it does nothing.

I checked on the installation tips and couldn’t find
the “NaN Blender Publisher 2.25” link
they are talking about in the instalation help.

Please help.


I found the older version of Blender- 2.25 the they were talking about in the installation tips. I downloaded the file- This one worked fine.

here is the link

Good Luck!

The usual reasons for Blender not starting on OSX are:

  1. you do not have python installed
  2. your installed python does not match the version of blender you downloaded.

Unlike every other platform on God’s grey earth, on OSX you need Python installed to run Blender. Blender for OSX is built with either Python 2.3 or Python 2.4. Note this is different that the Blender version itself.

Long story short: Get Python. Get Blender to match your Python version. Be happy.

I am not even going to wonder why someone is running blender publisher 2.25.

I had previously downloaded this file-

Mac OS X Python 2.4, 10.3.9+ (7.9 MB)

Is there a different file I need to download?
Where can I find it?


fevi: I think you can use the file that you downloaded, you just need to download Python 2.4 from here and install it, too. (At least, I think that should fix it.) Hope that helps.


If you run blender from the command line, it will tell you interesting things. Blender 2.25 might be using Python 2.2. That was a long time ago!

From the 2.25 download page:

Note: the Mac OSX version then was still beta, you might choose to use the latest release instead.

That is all I am going to say about that!

Thankyou for the link to Python 2.4
That was all I needed-
Blender Finally works!!

Thank you all for your help.

Thanks DwarvenFury your link worked great and so does Blnder!