Blender does not paint between the lines

In Texture Paint > Stencil, Blender paint weird outside the image lines.

This is what I mean :

The top is painted, the bottom is the stencil image, it is a .png file.

Anybody out there who can help me out ?

What’s the resolution of the image texture you’re painting onto? That looks like you’re just stenciling on something small enough to reach the pixel limit of your target image.

The UV map is 1024x1024 the texture image is 846x195
Here is the file
In object mode, layer 2 i tried with a plane and there it does the job right.

I think I found it. I have increased the size of the UV map times 4. Maybe my object is modeled a bit to big :slight_smile:


Yeah, any detail at that size is going to have poor quality unless your image is huge. I once did a mountain-sized creature and decided to sacrifice a little detail in favor of file size, then found out that the close-up shot was going to be much closer-up than I expected. Had to go back and redo like 5 image textures. :no: