Blender does not recognize my GPU anymore

I had Windows running on this machine before, but finally went through with switching it to Debian. On Windows, Blender would recognize my NVidia GeForce GT 640, no problem, but now on Debian, it is not doing as well. I have installed the official NVidia drivers. What could be the problem? The card’s working perfectly fine when playing games, just not in Blender. Thank you in advance for the help :slight_smile:

The site won’t let me edit my original post in order to add this information, so here you go :3-Card has 2GB of RAM-Debian 7.0 amd64-Blender 2.69-Blender is unpacked to a folder in my home folder; not installed.Let me know if there is any other information that you guys need.

You mean CUDA GPU computing device, not just GUI acceleretion? Then you need to check that “official NVidia driver” is fully installed with all components, as CUDA library. Do usual things, check some NVidia control panel avout CUDA version and capabilities, run other not Bledner test programs that use CUDA.

Yes, I should have included that information. It is not recognizing my card as a CUDA-capable device and I cannot render with it. Haw might I make sure that the NVidia driver is installed with the CUDA library? I tried a separate NVidia driver for “CUDA-5.5”, which did not install because I already have a NVidia driver installed, according to the logs. nvidia-settings only tells me how many CUDA cores there are in the device; it says nothing about version installed and gives me no options. I might try uninstalling the current NVidia driver and installing the CUDA one, but that’s too troublesome and time consuming to mess with at the moment. I’ll report back with the results after I do so, though. Thank you for the help, by the way. I really appreciate the effort.