Blender does not select front object

Hello all,

I have this issue where I have imported a model from Revit. It is a huge model and when I try to select object Bleneder does not seem to select the closest objects.

I have no idea if this has to do with the import or it is just a large scene problem. But if there is something I can change to fix this it would be greatly appriciated.

I have recorded a video of the issue here.

Make sure you have open gl depth selection turned on…with it off it will produce the problem you are showing…

Hey, thanks for the response. This was already on. So it could not be the issue.

Hmmm…Have you applied scale?
That will sometimes affect things like this…since it is a huge scene as you say…also if you move several areas to their own collection and hide that collection using the camera icon in the collection area you can drop what is visible in the scene to something more manageable and free up some memory to speed things up quite a bit…

can you select thru the outliner