Blender does SAGD (Sag - Dee)

Hi everyone.

As this is an area to display completed Blender projects, here’s one from this past summer.
It’s a project proposal to lift heavy oil from tarsands.

Except for the Voice-Over, everything else was created in Blender; the subsurface environment as well as surface models.

Oh, and by the way, yep I even wrote the script. Had input from many petroleum engineers and geologists but by the time I recieved the paperwork it looked like a Thesis on Planetary Physics, so I had to rewrite to make it vaguely understandable.

~ :smiley:

Cool - you put Blender to good use there.

Really nice work. For the purpose that this was intended, it was perfect.

BTW, are you in western Canada? Cause that looks like the oil sands out west. Plus, the Husky Energy kind of gives it away. :stuck_out_tongue: Just wondering, cause I am in Toronto.


…are you in western Canada? Cause that looks like the oil sands out west.

Yes BgDM, based outta Calgary, which is coincidentally also home base for Husky. Wayyyyy in the back of the final scene (deep in the muskeg), you can’t see em, but (trust me on this :smiley: ) is a Mastadon !


That was very well done! one thing tho, what was the dark particles supposed to be?


Oil Sands exist in a malleable state, much like conventional road tar. To get hydrocarbons extracted from the Bitumen (sands, tar and subsurface material matter) these have to be heated via Steam injection.
Oil doesn’t flow out (or exist) in a giant pool, so I needed a visual cue of what would be occurring belowground.

As the Bitumen is heated to a fluid state it begins to migrate to the horizon of least pressure (the secondary pipe), but it does so from many different elevations.

The darker regions within the streaming effect were indicative of hydrocarbons (oil & ngl’s) moving towards the surface pipe. The lighter streams are water and water vapour.

It was really the only way I could visualize the process happening.

~Ciao :smiley: