Blender doesn't export bones and actions in FBX!


Blender doesn’t not export bones to FBX, when I choose model with the skeleton. “Selected Objects” in export menu checked. “Deform” checkbox for every bone also enabled.
But when I export without “Selected Objects” - for export goes only one action, instead of all.

Can’t figure this issue out during this whole day!
Blender version is 2.79
Date: 2017-09-11 10:43
Hash: 5bd8ac9

So it’s not bones but animations if I understand. The problem is NLA editor if you exporting strips from it. Or just the all actions but you might get duplicates of animations !

play with the settings i got it to work with unreal engine. Disable some settings at the export and there are some important settings in unreal like the T0-Pose… Cant name the specific settings because i am not on my pc…

It’s not in the export settings. I can export bones and animations from other files with the same settings.
I’ve cleaned this file from other objects and unnecessary animations. But always get the same result - bones and animations can not be exported correctly…
By the way… When I export without “Selected objects” option - baked animation become a mess. Some bones change their position. And their weights on the model become a mess too…