Blender doesnt find textures

A friend of mine sometimes sends me models (.blend) how come blender doesnt find the textures for his models?

I’ve tried changing the Texture Path in the settings to the /texture folder where he puts the textures, it doesnt help (i’ve tried saving this as the default setting for Blender).

It’s quite tiresome to have to change the textures manually if the modell uses many textures, would save a lot of time if it was possible for Blender to find the textures automatically.

I’m using 2.49b if that matters. Thank you.

Tell them to pack the textures in the blend file (File / External Data / pack into .blend file)

Oh, ok :slight_smile: thanks

Switch over to 2.57, 2.49 is really passé. In 2.57 you will find " make all paths relative" or find missing files.:eyebrowlift: