Blender doesn't import material color from potrace's SVG file

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Blender imports the colors of SVG paths. However, with these files, each of a seemingly identical red rectangle…

  • inkscape_before.svg looks red in Inkscape but black in Blender. (This is the result of output from potrace, re-saved in Inkscape.)
  • inkscape_refilled.svg is the result of re-filling the shape with red. It shows as red in both Inkscape and Blender.

The files I’m talking about can be found at (since I can’t attach SVG files to posts)


transform=“translate(0.000000,480.000000) scale(0.100000,-0.100000)”
fill="#ff0000" (This line exists in both files)
d=“m 929.47297,4077.0848 c -0.0369,-15.8833 -0.54029,-3014.7128 -0.54029,-3014.7128 0,0 4328.02702,0.6201 4350.28032,0.8076 0.3934,17.7193 -0.2351,2999.753 0.3449,3013.6542 -10.2426,0 -4339.32561,0.2171 -4350.08493,0.251 z”
style=“fill:#ff0000;fill-opacity:1” /> (This line exists only in the 2nd file)

Since “fill” is very much specified in the first file, does this count as a Blender import bug?

I’m not an expert but from what I’ve learned when playing with .svg files is that different programs write .svg files differently, I’m fairly certain that Blender works best with .svg written from Inkscape, which more then likely has something to do with Inkscape being opensource and having been around for a bit.

.svg is a open standard so programs write and read them differently

Iirc, Inkscape can output it’s own proprietry SVG format and a ‘standard’ format.

To anyone else concerned about this problem, I’ve submitted this as a bug.


Fixed in svn rev3299 of addons repo.
Thanks for the report, closing.