Blender doesn't import objs properly

Every obj i try to import shows up pink, when i try the “find missing files” thing it says it can’t find them, but the mtl file is right there?? it does this with obj files i exported from daz and also with any obj i download, what do i do?? ![bln|690x387]

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The mtl file does not contain the texture images it only points to them, they have to be separate files. If you open the mtl file with a text editor you can see where the files are expected to be, if it only shows the names of the files without a path to the them the images should be in the same folder as the mtl file.
When you download an obj file with textures you need the obj file, an mtl file, and the texture images (usually in a texture folder).
When you export from blender to obj you need to set the data path for the images (they have to be somewhere outside of the blend file.) Common practice is to create a texture folder for the images in the same folder as the blend file and set the path to relative then when you create the obj and mtl file, if you save the obj and mtl to a different folder you have to make copy of the texture folder with them.