Blender doesnt recognize my AMD GPU

Hello everyone, so I have a problem while trying to render with my GPU, Blender doesnt regognize it if I go to the user preferences and check the OpenCL window, since my GPU is a Amd Radeon 8790m. So my question is, Blender is not finding it ibecause its not supported or is there something that I need to do?

Hi there as far as I can tell the 8790m is a GCN 1 card. Unfortunately supports OpenCL rendering from GCN 2 onwards. So as long as I am not wrong with my quick research you seem to unlucky, sry.

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Ouchie, rendering with the CPU kinda extends the time by the double, guess ill have to save some money for a decent GPU.
Thanks you so much for the information anyways :smile:

Just out of curiosity, how do come to the conclusion it would render 100% faster when you can’t use it at all?

To be honest, in the case of that card it might very well be, that your CPU is faster. But since it isn’t going to work anyway theres little reason to guess.

I just searched a while ago about speeding up cycles renders and I found out the GPU actually decreases the render times by a significant ammount, that obviously depends on many other aspects but I was just taking a guess compared to some cases. I bought a laptop for university like a year ago and I discovered I was not using the GPU for the renders so ye, now I understand why.

Ye youre right

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