Blender doesn't save anything!

Blender is UNCAPABLE of saving textures. I spent nearly 2 hours on one damn texture in Blender yesterday. I painted all of it in Blender, I clicked “Save Image” and saved the Blend file as well and closed it. Today I opened it and there is NO TEXTURE. Apparently Blender doesn’t even have memory of me working on it. Although I am looking at the texture I made right now. It’s inside the folder I made for this project. I load it in Blender and it still doesn’t show up. Frankly, there is nothing that I can do. I made a test, on just painting some weird things on the model, saved it. Closed Blender and guess what.


What the **** is going on!?

Instead of ranting show us a screencast of exactly what you are doing.

I created a new blend file and saved it
Created a new texture and painted on it
Saved the image with ‘Save as Image’
Saved blend file and closed it
Restarted blend er and re-opened the previously saved file
The image I painted shows up as expected

Now describe precisely what you are doing etc



If You don’t have Pack to Blend ticed in Menu File…You can only save the file external…That is what You do through the Uv/Image Editor

Anyway first time You save Your image You have to do it through Uv/Image Editor…Because if You try to do it in the T - Panel Save all You will get a error…Invalid path.

Now You can get it back just select it in Properties - Materiale - Surface As a image file.

If You have Pack to Blend Ticked:

Then next time Blendfile is open…Blender will use the packed file and NOT save to the External file more…If You want to save it Externally too You have to do it through Uv/Image Editor.

Just remember allways to save before You leave Texturepaint…And save the Blend…:slight_smile:

Your work aren’t lost just reconnect it…Puff Puff