Blender doesn't start, 7zip question.

I have a problem with graphicall builds. Mainly files with 7z extension’s doesn’t start.
But they from work’s fine (they are zip files). So what the diffrent’s between build’s on and those from graphicall?
I saw few diffrents in dll files but i don’t jump deeper into, maybe someone has an idea what’s wrong :eek:
sry for my english.
P.S I have those microsoft redistributable bla bla 2005 and 2008, also python.


7z is not a zip file it is different, a more modern compression method.

It open sourced and decompression and compression software is available.

For windows try here:

If you have linux you will almost certainly have 7z installed.

I have 7z, but when i unpack build’s from graphicall, they doesn’t start. So i figure that in my system are missing some files to start blender, but builds from with zip extension work’s fine, and iam a little bit confused what cause the problem.
Now i figure that my topic isn;t relevant to case.

I had similar problems with 7zip self extracting (.exe) files and the manual extract files from graphicall (also with some other non-Blender 7zip compressed files). I assume you are using some sort of Windows if you need the redistributable.

Somehow, on Windows 7 OS, 7zip .exe lost administrator privileges during install.
Try installing these from administrator login, and not another login requiring administrator permission (a pop-up dialog that asks for administrator password before install begins). Only Vista and Windows 7 do this AFAIK so if you have either this may be your situation.

For the manual install files, you can use these from a user login, but it still won’t install correctly on my system unless I move the 7zip file into a directory I create where I want to install and then unzip it.

If this doesn’t work, then you have something else going on with this beyond my experiences. Good Luck.

I have XP Pro. That’s only a problem with my system, because I test those files on another computer ,and it runs. So what files must be present to run blender, expect for Microsoft redistributable package, and offcourse python?

And what about processors? Aktually my don’t support SSE2? Can that be the reason of my problems?

@Rangiz - if the builds have been built with raytrace optimisations enabled (which is on by default), then this is your most likely cause.

My self-extracting 7z files on graphicall all should have everything they need - I’ll double check to ensure that actually all runtime dlls and openmp dll are present for the next update.

Otherwise, I also from time to time update the installer builds I have on

If you want to follow my builds, you’d best follow my blog. I use the exact same software, machine and settings for Blender official releases as for my builds.

Click on Letwory Interactive in my signature to find my builds. I’ll try to update my builds today.


I’m not sure about this, but today i used google chrome to download the latest 64bit build made by filiciss. I couldn’t start it when i had unpacked it, but i noticed that there where several files that had failed to unpack properly… I downloaded the same file with firefox and the DownThemAll manager, and unpacked again, and this time it worked flawlessly… It’s wierd, but it seems like chrome has some problems… at least on my computer… What browser do you use?