Blender doesn't start using intel graphics

I’m attempting to run blender on a laptop that has intel graphics, but for some reason blender is unable to start and crashes writhing a few error messages. There is a lot to type in so it would be faster if I just send an image.

I know using intel graphics is not the best choise, but right now blender doesn’t start at all :spin:
If anyone can help thanks :eyebrowlift:


Hi, if the Intel chip does not support OpenGL 2.1 there is no way to work with Blender 2.77.
OpenGL 2.1 is 10 years old and the minimum now, I fear.

Cheers, mib

This is interesting.

Hmm, I had tried Blender 2.63 on a Pentium 4 Optiplex GX420 last year, and I don’t think it had a graphics card, just something really basic. That system is older than the Dimension 4600 I use, but of course that has 512MB Geforce 6. So no issue.

I hope Optiplex’s of late 2007 can run Blender without much of a graphics card. I imagine so.

The Blender developers are dropping support for very old hardware because it’s not possible to readily support them while modernizing and optimizing areas such as viewport drawing.

Even then, Blender still has some of the least stringent PC hardware requirements you will find in the area of 3D applications (any new machine that’s doesn’t fit the definition of bargain basement will run it).

Kinda sucks man. Running into something similar. Blender runs in my case, but some things are broken which worked fine before.

Seems like somebody should write a patch that creates an interface layer, you’d think it wouldn’t be too terribly hard to have something parse newer OpenGL to the older one, provided the same features were supported. Yet the preference is to break things and leave them broken. More or less a “screw you” to those who currently can’t upgrade.

Even if it’s not the Blender people, perhaps the people writing open graphics driver implementations could do this? Might not happen in Windows, but perhaps some hope out there for Linux where the drivers usually have to be hacked out anyways.