Blender doesn't start


My Blender has a slight problem after installation. A console opens for a quarter of a second, then closes without launching Blender.
I tried to run it in admin and update all my drivers, in vain …
I already search everywhere, but impossible to find a solution.
I try to use blender_debug_log.cmd to create a log :
For my pc, I use windows 10, 16go ram, cg 2070, intel i7-9700k

If you havnt, you could try starting blender from the command prompt and see if any errors come up. Sounds like it might be an addon causing the issue.

If your not familiar with commandline…
To open a terminal window in Windows 10, click your windows start menu button (bottom left) then just type ‘cmd’ (with out quotes), that will open a terminal window.

Next key in ‘cd {path to blender folder}’ hit enter (if your blender path has any spaces in it, wrap the path in double quotes)
I have an extra command cause my install is on a different drive, but the red arrow is what you want to do (yours will probably start with C : \ > )…

Next key in ‘blender’ (with out quotes) and hit enter.

hi, exactly what i obtain on the link post before…

Sorry have no idea, here are some trouble shooting suggestions.

Peeked at your log file and see a ‘steam’ folder in one of the paths, maybe including more details in your description will help others. Also Win 32 or Win 64 along with blender 32 or 64bit.

Have you search the error your getting “Version 280 sub 39 date unknown hash unknown

Do you get the same error if you just try to run Blender from the cmd with out going into -debug mode ?

yep absolutly