Blender doesnt stop rendering?

I am just curious if this is normal? All I want to do is render the default block it comes with

FYI i am 100% new to Blender

Sorry, I am not sure what it is you are saying.

Are you rendering with Cycles or Blender Internal?

I would assume that you are using Cycles so are you pressing F12 to render the picture or are you switching to “rendered view” in the viewport?

In any case I would check the render settings in the “Sampling” dropdown menu. If samples are set to “0” it means “infinite” so it would just continue to render until you tell it to stop.

What do you mean by “The default block”?


The legendary Cube…

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Thanks for the replies. I mean the cude that is there when you first open the program. I made one small change, then I clicked “Render” and it was rendering for like 20 minutes, is this normal? Let me know and I can get screenshots

Ok, I fixed the issue, I had never created a new project save file… Thanks guy!