blender doing weird things

i just opened up a file that i had been wokring on for a few days now and almost everything seems to be not wokring. when i hit tab to go into the edit it woulnt work. when i hit ‘k’ to cut some stuff the menu wouldnt open, and when i went to file to open a new doc, the file menu would not show up but was still there cause i clicked on it and opened up a new doc…plz hlep this is really bad.

edit: also when i render something how do i save that img?

About saving the rendered image there’s a button in the file menu labled “save image as” Don’t forget to tack on .jpg behind the name you give it

edit: found it, it was just called something different:proportional editing :slight_smile:

thanks and about the other problem i figured it out. by just restarting blender. it happend once more but it is an easy fix. and i have one other question. is there a soft select in blender and if there is how do i find it. i looked in the reference guide but couldnt find it.