Blender donation with paysafe

Is it possible to make a donation with paysafe card?
I found only bank transfer, paypal or crypto options are possible.

maybe find someone who may exchange it to paypal or someting else…

thank for advice :wink:

is there also any other way how to supper blender?
what can individual do to help devlopers beside sending money?

  1. Sending money
  2. Submitting patch to (adding feature/fixing bug)
  3. Reporting Bug ( best if it haven’t been reported)
  4. Writing something to documentation.
  5. Creating complete proposal to (by complete i mean that really thought-out design and not “make X better plis”)
  6. Creating great artwork and mention somewhere that to create it Blender was used
  7. Helping to someone in community
  8. Creating and releasing an addon
  9. Upvoting good proposals on rcs

great ideas! thank you very much :slight_smile: