Blender Donations - How would you like it setup?

This is a thread to talk about how we would like to see the blender foundation financed, and to make sure that 2.5 Updates thread, stays on topic. :slight_smile:

I think that a monthly donation system would be good, but only if there is some kind of reward these people get–besides seeing blender developed. Maybe member access to Blender Cookie? Or something similar.

My thinking on the matter…

If I wanted a subscription to Blender Cookie I’d buy a subscription to Blender Cookie.

If I wanted to donate money to the Blender Foundation I’d donate money to the Blender Foundation.

Wanting a subscription to Blender Cookie doesn’t necessarily mean I want to donate to the Blender Foundation (yes, I know, off-topic) and vice versa for the BF.

The best thing, IMHO, would be to just donate to the BF without all the trouble of incentives and whatnot.

Agreed with Mister Uncle uncle…there shouldn’t be any reward for donating to the blender foundation. If you use it for free, then no one would starve for donating at least 10 or 20 bucks to the BF.

Besides, who doesn’t know you can download any CGCookie tutorial using the Java Applet at:

Just paste the URL of any video ( YouTUBE or VIMEO ) on the URL Text BOX on the page and It saves it to your hard drive… So…not a good idea.:evilgrin:

Notice: For those sick minded, it wont work on porn-hub. Keep your neurons and dendrites clean ! :eyebrowlift::eyebrowlift::eyebrowlift::eyebrowlift::eyebrowlift::eyebrowlift::eyebrowlift:

I think since this is a sort of subscription style payment that it should go directly to the Blender foundation to keep the studio up and running, the people who donate for a certain period of time could perhaps receive discounts for future film productions, and if it was a fairly decent sum of money, discounts from the Blender e-store. But I think it would need to be a relatively high amount for it to be worth it to the Blender Foundation.

Having a system where people expect something in return for paying will not work, because people will want a specific thing and if something else get’s added I could see a big issue arising and this would just detract from the development time etcetera.

  1. Subscribe to monthly payment
  2. Get something in return (discounts, advanced pre-orders etcetera)
  3. Blender Foundation receives money and uses it for development
  4. ???
  5. Profit

I would give without incentive, and have. The first thing to do would be to put that donate button right on the front page.


Sintel is a definate for me. So perhaps, a better way for could be, what would a percentage of the profit be better spent on ? I know that for at least six months after the files are released, I will be constantly re-rendering some of scenes etc and trying to figure out how to make the things click, for future reference mostly.
And no doubt there will be other blender movies to follow. So hopefully some of these can be kept aside preparations of the next show.

The DVD’s that they sell for Sintel only account for 30% of the budget covered.

I wouldn’t mind paying money and receiving nothing back specifically, I would be making use of Blender after all which is enough and the guys and girls developing it deserve financial reward for their hard work, but I’m afraid some people won’t really see it like that, perhaps new people who aren’t so involved with the community or the spirit of Open-Source development.

Either way, you are right about moving that donate button to the front page, I didn’t even know they had a donate button.

I went and bought the 2D painting DVD, partly because I wanted it, but also because I wanted to donate some money to the Foundation, next time I’ll use that link, It’ll allow me to donate more regularly, for lower sums though, as a student I couldn’t afford 30+ euro every month :frowning:

I think a “target-counter-bar” in home-page woud be cool.

I mean, Blender foundation has target to achive, need money for survive (this is obvious) , and also for the users is nice to know how much money needs BF for achive he targets.

they do that also for Durian DVD pre-sale, and it worked fine.

sorry for bad english.

You have any source for that?

Btw: I’m more keen on sponsoring individual developers working on certain features or buying stuff from the open movie projects.

Ton told me in an e-mail, here is the excerpt:
“[…] I usually only announce such projects when the financial status is sufficiently secure to do so. Direct community money by DVD sales only covers about 30% you know.

Thank you so much for a very intelligent and refreshing article. Great job!
meyda tiffany

SeanJM: I wonder where the rest of the money comes from. Sponsorship accounts for even less than the DVD money.

Seems like the Blender Institute and the Netherlands Film Funds also contribute a great chunk (while I wonder where the money from the BI initially comes from).

This I am wary of, my observation is that this has delivered rather mixed and poor results.
I am willing to sponsor and donate some cash but rather directly to the Blender institute than individual developers. Buying the e-shop DVDs seems the nicest way of doing so.

I think there should be some donation and progress charts in Blender site.

Here are some examples:


nice example demohero…

but meabe prefer 1 counter for Blender main development and onother one for external contributors (bmesh, particles etc).

I agree, that’s why I don’t think that the chart above will work. The foundations role should mainly be to take care of the big picture, underhood chages and grunt work like bug fixing etc. There are alot of motivated unpaid developers for doing fancy stuff like new cool features…

I do think it’s possible for the Blender Foundation to raise a lot more money, putting the donate button on the first page is one thing, but maybe there should be a fundrasing group who worked (volunteerly) to raise money for blender?

You mean like some sort of Blender Street Team? Sounds cool to me :slight_smile:

:o I mean a group of pepole who help Ton with the foundraising work (contacting potential sponsors, seeking funds, come up with new ideas to get money etc.)

That street team idea sounds really good actually.