Blender "double turbosmooth" technique equivalent?

Blender doesn’t have smoothing groups(I think)

so how would someone go about doing a “double turbosmooth”

Serva’s solution worked!

Now hardops can be used for subd modelling.

You can have more then one subsurf in the stack, Just turn the one at top to simple and have the one under it be catmul clark
You can also use supporting edge loops ‘as needed’ for this. But this is a good method for keeping an easy to unwrap mesh if you use some prudence and foresight when modeling

This method works better for hard surface modeling and is good if you want a poly only solution to rounding out your edges when you make a model, Something that is useful for the high level of detail model where the silhouette of it is a concern. Still use your supporting loops wisely and life will be good.
If you are doing an animation you can manually animate the values in those modifiers as needed. I’ll use a subsurf on simple to give myself cheep supporting loops where they are needed with out having to modify the base mesh. But that works best on hard surface modeling.


Don’t know anything about double turbo smooth but instead of how he put the supporting loops in that caused the pinching with thin triangles, if you do the supporting loops something like this then you get a nice smooth sub division just using standard sub div. I’ve just shrunk wrapped it to a sphere while I was putting the loops in to keep the sphere shape.


I think the equivalent is using creases on edges and then use a double subdivision surface modifier. The first one is going to preserve your edges with creases and the second is going to smooth over that.

Smoothing groups are something of a relic from the 3D Studio MAX days. The modern equivalent in Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces are creases.

The sphere on the left as an extruded face with edge crease weight set to 1.0. The sphere on the right has increased geometry.

Happy Blendage

Adding two subdivision surface modifiers to the left sphere (1 level and 3 levels) and a single subdivision surface modifier to the right sphere (3 levels) produces nearly indistinguishable geometry.



Seems like the best option.

I’ll try that…

I do suspect that both Sub-ds will use the creases


Nah, the distortions is a bit off putting,

well thanks anyway


will try that