Blender Dragon

There is my first model in Blender.

Blender is easy and fast.

I make more

Cool! Very cool cartoony modeling style you’ve got. I’d like to see more of you! Keep on blending!

Oh and welcome to elYsiun and Blender!

Cute :slight_smile:

I’d love to have a better overview of the wings :slight_smile:


Wow… that’s great stuff for a first model!

Makes me think of a cross-breed between a dragon and a chocobo…

Very nice cartoonish style. Looks very young as well.

Thanks …

I post new stuff

Big Dragon
and final Blender Dragon

laugh, he is in angry

The big one looks likea kangaroo :slight_smile:

Kangaroo. ja, ja, ja…
Well, the Big dragon need more work…

:Z Ole.
I make more

awww, he’s cute… little dragon bites off finger… heh… OW!