Blender.Draw is a error in 2.25b !?

I’m using the Blender Open Source 2.25b,
compiled for linux, under RH7.3.

For all scripts, the line

from Blender.Draw import *

give me a error… :o

Please, HELP!

how the hell did you managed to compile this stuff???

PLEASE put the binary on the net, so we could run Blender ourself.

If you don’t have enough web space email me:

[email protected]

If you want, I can put it online when I go to home, at 20.00…
It’s a versione compiled for linux by Detective Thorne, but the pyhton don’t work,
the boolean don’t work, the libjpeg is wrong…you must have the opeal and openal dev…

I’m waiting for a right version…