Blender.Draw.ScrollBar ???

There is a Draw.ScrollBar but there is no documentation in the API for it. In the text editor it brings up ScrollBar as a suggestion in the Draw module and i get it to draw a squarish thing but it doesn’t actually look like a scroll bar :frowning: Does anyone know about this or a link to explain it? I just need a few lines of code to see how it is implemented.


According to the docs, its:

Draw.Scrollbar(event, x, y, width, height, initial, min, max, [update, tooltip])
(event) The event number to pass to the button event function when activated
(x, y) The lower left coordinate of the button
(width, height) The button width and height
(initial, min, max) Three values (int or float) specifying the initial and limit values.
[update=1] A value controlling whether the slider will emit events as it is edited.
    A non-zero value (default) enables the events. A zero value supresses them.
[tooltip=] The button's tooltip"

However, it doesn’t seem to work quite right, so not sure what to tell you…

I read the docs on it and played around with it with different values and stuff and it never seemed to work like it should. :frowning: