Blender dubplicating forever!

hi guys!,

Got a wierd thing to happen while UV Unwrapping,
I was just doing my thing, selected a new object, got to edit mode, selected the verticies a wanted, selected ‘‘project from vieuw’’ And there it was, First the selected verticies didnt came up in the Uv Editor, I have that lots of time and I solve it by just zooming out a little, Then i find my verticies and can drag them to the place of the picture i want. But when I scrolled out this time the picture im using was dubplicated in everydirection!. And I coudnt get my verticies! I tried to reset blender to factory settings, but that didnt help. When i tried to render my image it doesnt affect the render time, it doesnt crash, but when my render is finished, blender just copied the render in everydirection, wich means if you zoom out you see hundreds of copies of your render.

What the frak?! I cant solve it.

Could anybody help me? because I cant continue with my project without UV Mapping.