Blender dude needs help

‘Tons’ of questions that have confused me over the past few days, I’ll try to be brief… I must be using the wrong search terms or there’s no tutorials or answers on the web or at Elysiun, I’ve searched: google, yahoo, altavista, and blenders site, but to no avail. Hope someone can help.

  1. How can I perform math functions on property values owned by an object? Example: x = (a/b)*100. I’ve tried python and the expression controller; can someone please clarify possible ways to calculate equations thought any means? Please, if possible, provide specific code example that are less demanding on the game engine.

  2. I have an object on layer one and another object on layer two; layer two is not visible. If I attach a message actuator to the object on layer two why can’t the object on layer one receive the message? Is it a problem because the messaging object is on layer two or is this just an engine bug in need of a fix? I found that when I do not include an object identifier in the message actuator’s “to:” field, it broadcasts and the object in layer one can receive it. Weird?

  3. When I animate a character and copy the current pose at say, frame 1 then advance to a higher frame and paste the pose’s mirror the armature isn’t mirrored but misconstrued, why? I found a document somewhere on the old Blender site a while ago that gave Blenders naming conventions to bones and armatures, does anyone have those conventions handy, maybe a link to those? I thought that Blender must use conventions and this could be my problem, is it?

Again, thanks people for any suggestions or answers, they are greatly appreciated… Something to keep in mind is that I’m using Blender 2.36 built on 12-22-04.

Someone will have to play with this, but I don’t belive the expression controller can do assignment

you can do expressions in the property actuators [assign prop foo “bar +1” [without quotes]]

the blender guide says property sensors/actuators and expression controllers are no substitute for python. Sometimes python is faster.

Code to do a similar assignment in python is as follows

import GameLogic # some call this redundant, I don't care

controller = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
obj = controller.GetOwner() # get the object

# assign obj's property foo value bar [another property of the object] plus 1 = + 1

messing with actuators and stuff in python is a bit awkward at first, but if you wonder how just ask [or search… you ought to be able to find something]

because the object on the invisible layer doesn’t have it’s logic evaluated [unless it is added into a visible layer using the edit object add object actuator]

people have complained that the to: field doesn’t work… I’ve never tried it

.L and .R or .Left and .Right
also, make your armature align with the views properly [have the front view look at the front of your armature] when it is not rotated [the object, alt+r clears the rotation on objects [and bones]].

thanks for the hints… what im doing for the first question is dividing the amount of hits and the amount of bullets fired to get an accuracy number… i thought it would be simple, but its turned to be a pain…