Blender DVD training: Mancandy FAQ (1) and Character Animation (3) - how to get?

Now that these two DVDs are “out-of-print” on the Blender e-shop, is there any source for getting hold of images of these Creative-Commons-licensed works?



Is there a tracker for them?

@rdo3: that URL doesn’t work for me. If I dissect it and extract the “torrent blender dvd training” search query you’ve used, there’s no viable torrent for Mancandy in the first 4 pages of results.

Does anyone have a real tracker for Mancandy FAQ torrent? Alternatively, if someone in the UK/Europe can burn a copy of the DVD for me and stick it in the post, I will gladly donate $30 to the Blender Foundation.


i should say, I did manage to find a torrent for DVD 3, Character Animation.


For Mancandy just look on youtube, I believe under the official blender foundation account

Ah, thanks for that, Richard.

In other news, the Character Animation DVD torrent doesn’t have any seeders so I’m back where I started on that one.

Unless the Blender Foundation can upload this one to the YouTube account as well? :wink: