Blender DynTopo - Adding/deleting/merging "clay"


Not sure if this is the correct area of the forum, but I have a question;

Adding: Is it possible to… I dunno, “draw” or “add” or in some other way introduce a new floating island of clay to build on? For example, if you have a skeleton you’re adding muscles to and you want a separate piece of clay to make the traps or a bicep or something. Would those all have to be separate objects, or can you add more, and separate, geometry to the mesh? I imagine this working like using the draw tool in free space and having it just float there to be moved into the correct position. Almost like the grease pencil.

Merging: If you’re using something like snake hook, and you have two areas join up, how can you merge those together into one piece again? Like if you’re extruding from a sphere and you come away from it, then back to it, can you merge/score/etc that floating end back into the main sphere?

Deleting: what’s the best way to cut the clay? Like if you modeled a figure on a base and now want to separate that base from the model, how could you delete it?

There’s probably a really obvious answer to all of these that I’m missing. Thanks for any suggestions!

You describe rather a volumetric approach of modelling (Voxels).

Blenders sculpting mode follows different approach. It uses surfaces, Surfaces can be refined or coarsed. Surfaces cannot be add/split/merged inside sculpt mode. Think of a base object with an infinite elastic skin, you sculpt stretching/refining its surface.

hey AlexanderESmith,
you can do all of that stuff using Booleans. You just have to be a bit creative with them.
check out this video, you’ll see how Roberto uses them in his workflow.

and the trim curves are coming to sculpt

here’s a quick GIF that walks you through one of your questions


Booleans were exactly what I needed. And I saw that video before but didn’t realize that’s what he was doing.


Alexander E. Smith