Blender e-shop open!

(ton) #1


After some delays, but we’ve got it back!


(slikdigit) #2

woohoo! Now I can replace my lost guide. (hopefully)

(rogerm3d) #3

Yess!! Whoo, but I want a new blender Tshirt.
Mines becoming kinda holey :smiley:

(TheHobbit) #4

Blender 2.0 guide with Ton’s signature. I gotta go mow the neighbors yard, I need money.

Its a bad time to be poor. shakes empty jar like a beggar. :o

(NateTG) #5

yes, it would be great to see t-shirts again. Also, Ton, I was wondering if you might include and option for canadian currency (currently only USD and Euro are in the list.)

Great to see the shop up and running, though.