Blender E-SHOP reopens!!!

Blender E-SHOP reopens!!!

Check it out at:

Cheers!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hello, I am new to blender. Looks like I came in at a good time. I am surprised at all the good stuff this package supports, all for free. I can’t wait to learn all this good stuff.

Hello blackphoto. Welcome to Blender. Have fun. This is a good community so if you have any questions just ask. See Question and answer forum. And yay on the E-shop opening again.

I allready know that (actually I’ve allready spent some gggooodddd money, there… he, he, he…), But anyway thanks dittohead!!!

Yeah, it’s really nice that the e-shop was revived…

It reminds me a bit of the good old NaN days!!!

BTW. Welcome to elysiun blackphoto…


Hello. I’ll have my rodent deliver the initiation… erm… customs on you.

u have a rodent! that delivers initiations!? oohhhhhhhh. blackphoto be afraid…be very very afraid…you don’t know what he might be up to…this gives me the shivers…i better open up my !happy! blender picture…ahhhh the little yellow flower the bright green gra uh! oh sorry i was in my “happy place” as the doc calls it. just warning u. anyho though i’ve never bought anything it’s a good thing cause that means benders reviving! mwa ha ha ha ha.

by the way the doc says i have severe split personality prob. anybody know what that means? :wink:

Is this ship just selling the old stuff to get rid of, or are they going to re-stock it with new blender stuff?

Well, I think it’s for starting up a new E-SHOP (after intense popular demand…), in the first place.

For the moment they are selling NaN’s old stuff. I recall Ton saying that he would make a contact with the manual’s publisher for future prints!!!

About the other stuff, I don’t know…

Only Ton (and a few others…) knows…