Blender edit mode Performance

You are not alone. There is big chunk of community waiting for that specific thing to be fixed.


So as of 2.8 RC we have 2.79 editing performance but nothing more.

I kind of thought it was a lot of unnecessary complaining. Which there is always a lot of when there is a huge change like 2.8. But I have to agree that editing performance is pretty poor. I know the developers did a poll and I think the majority of the people that responded wanted performance increases on large scenes and high poly objects so hopefully this really will be improved.

If this mail from Ton is any indication, the funding the BF is getting now is indicating that they need to step things up in terms of overall quality for Blender’s development and the Blender app.

As a result, we should soon see a large number of areas within Blender being worked on at once (which hopefully includes performance).


I saw that. I don’t doubt that they want to improve it. It’s probably a monumental task. A year ago I was under the impression that the new depsgraph was going to improve things but I guess I was wrong.
They also have to deal with people that constantly expect new features. It’s a lot more exciting to most people to read about “A B and C new features!!” than “Won’t slow down to a crawl anymore!!”

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Did someone tried the Nvidia Creators Drivers and how / if they impact performance? Would be interested if there is some gain.

For such a long time blenders bad viewport performance Is a dealbreaker handling bigger scenes. I got a lot of hope b28 will change this but it still forces me to keep up using 3d max. Slowly i give up hope. There was so much focus on shortcut changes, changing names, hiding stuff inside deep menus just for a „clear“ ui and so on…
So much fancy new stuff but completly useless with a frozen viewport.
Now in b28 editmode seems to be even slower than before, kind of a Bad Joke. The whole b27 interface felt s lot snappier than b28:(
If there would be one thing i would pay for, its a focus on developing better viewportperformance. Cycles got boosted by mathieu. Now we need the viewport focussed and make it fit the 21 Century


When the new depsgraph came in, it was technically a bit more powerful than the old one, but it was relatively unoptimized.

The d.b.o task has a list of the reasons for the performance issues and their likely solutions, just that the devs. will need a bit of time for their proper implementation.

In blender today Ton seem to point out that the performance issue could take quite a bit of time to fix! I hope i interpret him wrong.

I would prefer they put all the effort on performance instead of new features!


My current work around is to separate all my heavy mesh in parts and reassemble them after which is counter productive to say the least!

Adsk 3Ds viewport overhaul „nitrous“ took almost 8 years. 2009 was the last version with the old viewport supporting quadro Performance driver. 2018 was the first version using nitrous which worked for me flawless without glitches and was on par with the old one… :grimacing:

Let’s hope it’s not going to take 8 years! :sweat_smile:


It would be actually nice to have more performant edit mode than anything else.


For my scene of 150k faces, edit performance is down from perhaps 15fps in 2.79b, to 2fps in 2.8rc2, so it’s quite impossible to edit. Viewport performance itself is ball-bearing smooth.

Further, cycles render time of the same was increased by a factor of 8 in 2.8rc2, but that’s probably for a different thread.

My setup has 32gb ram, 6-core 3.4GHz and a 1080 Ti card.


Yes, i use same work around, but it is painful especially when you work on UVs…

When i go over 150 000 tris, everything start to be slow and laggy…
I hope they improve performance in future, because today is already standard have 100 000 tris models in a game or whatever real-time graphics… And during the production is polycount even higher…

But otherwise, my user experience with 2.8 is great so far!


yeah i tried the drivers, does not make much of a difference… Im using a 1050ti

The problem is they promised to fix the edit mode performance before the final release and as it’s look like they skipped completely :frowning:
B2.8 it’s awfully slow in edit mode , you can’t release that kind of software as stable and the fun is back in 3d :frowning: it doesn’t make any sense to me


2.80 is just for rendering in eevee for now. :wink:

Unfortunately, if editmode performance was something that could’ve been done in a few days, the devs. would’ve done it. This is compounded by how expansive the targets were for the initial 2.8 release (ie. tons of technical debt). In hindsight, the list of targets could’ve been narrowed a bit more so as to have more time for such issues.

The glimmer of hope in this is that the BF has an army of devs. and massive funding now (in part due to the focus on making things feel more standard). They have to address these lingering issues if they want to sustain that large team and prevent brain-drain to commercial vendors.