Blender Edit Mode Performance

I’ve tested it with most simple scenes(just different simple subdivided meshes from add menu) after I noticed this problem in the scene(400k vertices) I was working with, so yes it does happen with any scene.

Around 22.5 fps, 100k is still manageable but already not great. If I subdivide the mesh from your file once more it’s 393k verts and around 4.8 fps when I grab a vertex which is awful obviously

I’m getting about 25fps with model as it is and about 7fps after one subdivision. From Cinebench score my 8700k is around 14% faster in single threaded operations, yet I’m getting 45% better fps in subdivided mesh - Cinebench is not perfect, but there might be (possibly) something wrong with your system. You can try to run Cinebench R23 yourself. You should be getting around 1050-1060 points in single core test.

I got 978 in single core test, but my CPU isn’t on the default settings, it’s 3.8Ghz on all cores with autoboost disabled, so single core is lower, multicore is higher. Blender uses multiple threads and loads my CPU around 45-50% max evenly when I grab and move a vertex on heavily subdivided mesh which is odd I think.
Is Blender using 100% of your CPU?
However my results are not tremendously worse than yours and I got my answer I guess, It’s just Blender not really optimised

The operation is multi-core, not just single-threaded performance counts. Still, your CPU has less cores/threads. Also on Linux this can be a bit faster, but only slightly.

That is another thing, with 400K vertices we all have problems and it is a Blender problem as you can see in this thread.

There are few tasks in Blender that can use approximately 100% of the CPU, for example rendering with Cycles. Most other tasks, even those that are multithreaded, can vary between 40% and 80% of CPU usage, and this not because Blender malfunctions but because of the nature of the process. Mine is about 65% CPU usage in this Grab operation with this file.

That’s what I was hoping to hear

I see, it makes sense

By the way, I’ve seen a tutorial from Grant Abbitt on sculpting, when he sculped a 6.5 mil mesh without any lags, but I don’t know what version of Blender he was using and his CPU, maybe he had something like Threadripper
As for me with sculpting, it’s doable with 400k verts(around 15fps), but 1.5mil is a slideshow again

Sculpt mode is using a different engine then the one drawing the 3d viewport, or so I heard.

Well yes, sculpt mode is like 3 times faster than edit mode for me

Do you feel lucky?

General development & plan mesh optimization project.

That performance being a priority for Geometry Nodes is nice, but we can’t create everything with that system, that is why it is still very important to see optimizations for editmode.


We did it!

Also from Campbell’s weekly report.

Work on modeling optimization project.

As I stated in the devtalk thread, I do not think we will see 60 FPS on a million polygons right away, what we will probably see though is editmode getting back to the speed of 2.7x and then beyond.


Edit-Mesh Performance Overview :thinking:

Proposal for Mesh Optimization Project