Blender Education: a new platform for learning and teaching Blender

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Hello there, allow us to introduce Blender Education, a new website where everyone can teach and learn Blender 3D via private tutoring, mentoring or coaching. We have created a unique platform for this community to use. A place for people looking for education with a personal touch. And of course for the coaches who provide this education. They will find a complete package with communication tools and the administration taken care of. Visit the about section on to find out more and participate in the Beta to be the first to experience this new way of teaching Blender.

This website cannot exist without the support of the community and therefore it is important that as many Blenderheads as possible read about it. And that is where we need your help. Share, retweet, repost this message as much as possible. Mail it to your friends, copy it to your favorite social network, post it on reddit, scream it on the street.

It is funny to see that this thread is read more than the thread I keep updating.

do people really go back that far in the history of the news items or is there something I am missing?

Anyway, if you are interested, make sure to read the other thread as well (the link is in the post above), where I also have posted some video’s.

And yes, the beta is still open, so feel free to join if you want to.