Blender Eevee Fighter Jet Scene

All done using Blender 2.8. Rendered in real time with Eevee. Some Particals were rendered with Cycles using dual render composite techniques.

That’s awesome + no idea about dual rendering :open_mouth: Never heard of it

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Thanks and hey RohZima welcome to the Blender Artist Community, make yourself at home, share what you do, and tell us about your work.

As to your inquiry about mixed rendering, Its a little known technique to speed up render times in 3D applications, and in some cases dramatically.

Say we want to render a knight in Blender. For this I would render all the metals and cloth in Eevee. Eevee a Rasterisation renderer can render metal and cloth in most cases just as good as a Raytracing Renderer (Cycles) but Eevee is way faster. Then I would render all the skin in Cycles because everyone knows SSS is best left to Raytracer renderers. Rather than rendering 2 seperate images in Eevee and in Cycles and compositing them in Photoshop I would use Blenders built in mixed/dual/composite rendering capabilities and render out 1 perfectly composited image. No need to worry about layers, depth, passes, etc.

I have done this technique on a few scenes and the results were quick and amazing
you couln’t tell which was Eevee and Cycles. I don’t remeber where I learned this and I don’t know the exact term but try searching hybrid, mixed, dual, or composite rendering.

Pros are doing it with amazing resaults and as for this Jet animation can you tell which is Eevee and Cycle?

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