Blender EEVEE - Pagani Huayra BC

Rendered using new render engine EEVEE.
Render time (video): 46 min 32 sec



Nice! I have to start looking at this, the real time volumetrics and glare are awesome.

Nice effect with the volumetrics combined with a car like that!

This is great. The 2.8 version of blender is definitely going to be an amazing one!

Thanks you! This is a amazing real-time engine :slight_smile:

Again, really nice work. Questions (for OP or anyone)

Do you Know any good tutorials for this kind of look with eevee?

Do you know if the real time preview can be output dual camera to occulus?

I’m a beginer and this is my first work with this engine :o


This is why the Eevee project is important!

Great scene-setup! The paint is well done :slight_smile:

Now that’s power of EEvEE !!!

Top notch everything

looks wonderful :slight_smile:

Very nice work. I just think the volumetrics are a bit exaggerated here and taking the attention from the model itself (I don’t know if this is what you want though), I would turn it down a bit to balance it out.