Blender Effectors Addon


I created an addon over the summer, not a huge project but it can create some cool motion graphics animations. It’s inspired by some tools I saw in Cinema4D, and essentially easily lets you animate the transformations of many objects (often faces of an overall object).

The demo/“tutorial” video is here:

[another short demo video], [and another 10 second demo of its direct use on Suzanne]

The code is available here:

As I explain in the video, I am aware that the Motion Tool does what this addon does and better. My only comment is that my addon is open source and free to use/improve, but with an additional side note that I likely won’t be developing it much further.

Thanks for taking a look, and if anyone has some questions or comments I’ll take them gladly! If there are minor breaks or improvements suggested, I can look into it, but again I’m not expecting to make grand updates at this stage.

Very very cool job

Hi Patrick, thanks for sharing ! As long as Blender doesn’t natively nest such tool, your addon is definitely a must-have.
No need to undermine it regarding similar projects, they all offer different angle to work with. Nodes are very powerfull but the learning curve can be steep.
Your addon is easy to use, it works great and is not commercial. Three good reasons for everybody to give it a try !

Really fun script.
Auto Run Python Scripts needs to be enabled for it to work. Took me a few minutes to figure this out.

I agree with ‘Nikos_’ great tool.
Looked forward to using it but then discovered it gave me an error every time I tried to separate faces.
Tried ‘riverer’s’ trick enabling Auto Run Python Scripts but sadly not working.
I’m on a Mac running Mavericks. Tried it with 2.71 and 2.72.

Thanks for the auto-run point, I forgot I set that as my default as I use drivers regularly - and drivers in all cases only work with it enabled.

Hey, thanks for trying it out. I too am running mavericks with 2.72 and, well naturally it at least works for me. What is the error it gives back? Though I thought I made it handle it correctly (ignoring non-mesh data), can you check to make sure you have only mesh objects selected?

Thanks everyone for the feedback! Yes I do agree that so long as a purely identical and free/open source addon doesn’t do the same this one has value, more I just didn’t want to put hopes up that it would have huge development in the future but I do imagine I’ll tinker with it now and there to make it more robust.

Here is the error message:

Thanks, I made some edits - want to test it now? My best guess is that you were in edit mode when you tried to run the command, but that should be fixed now (though it would be cleaner if I just enforce the user is on object mode when pressing add effector). If that’s not the case… let me know the next error message you get, I added another try/catch and print statement (also if possible, can you launch blender from the terminal and copy the text output from that?)

Thanks Patrick. Works like a charm.

Glad to hear it! Enjoy it, and let me know if you or anyone else makes something cool with it :slight_smile:

Awesome! THX for sharing!

It looks really cool @TheDuckCow! Thank you very much

I would love to see this implemented inside the animation nodes addon! It would be a great addition to the system :smiley:

So I did everything right and when i move the effector, the shape is still the same. I even turned on autorun python scripts. Please help me.

OS: Windows 10

Blender Version: 2.78

Hope you fix this problem :slight_smile: