Blender/Electroincs Project WIP

This Blender/Electronics projectwill be a simple white noise generator.

The circuit will consist of…
1 opAmp
6 resistors
3 caps
2 3904 transistors
1 switch
1 audioJack
1 9V batt.

This is what I have modeled so far…

I will be modeling an enclosure. Then create animation.

All will be to create complete video from whole project. Adding to my current project playlist.

  • schematic creation
  • Blender Modeling & Animating
  • Circuit Fabrication
  • 3D printing enclosure
  • assembly & final demo

Added more resistors and placed the parts where they belong. Still need to model two disc caps. Fixed some screw ups.

Anyone know why the resistor colors are not showing in texture mode? Only the black line is showing, which is the same
material as the switch body. The material color for the resistors are vertex assigned not uv.

Have all the parts modeled other than the enclosure.
Will build the actual circuit before routing the wires from the battery. Then i can test the actual circuit and know which way is best to route the wires.

Finished the project.

Part two has blender anim.

why do u sue vert colors instead of cycles mat ?
would look better I think with cycles mat

it looks good up to now

happy cl

Wow, great job :smiley:

This project was really long. Between making the schematic, fabrication the board, blender modeling,Designing the enclosure/3D printing, assembly and demonstration…and also all the video editing. I didn’t want to spend all my time on one area. It’s done moving on to next project.

I prefer to do more short projects like this one…

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thank you Tachyon