Blender, elYsiun and BlenderChar in ComputerArts Mag

Hey everyone,

I send in a e-mail to Computer Arts a while ago, and yesterday someone informed me that the e-mail made it to the letters section, and they wrote a little extra story below it.

Anyways today I bought the magazine, and checked it out.

I’ve scanned the e-mail and their story so you can see for yourselves:

Note this is the May 2002 issue of Computer Arts (for those who may want to pick it up,… like me :))


It is better than nothing, I guess, but the information they give is simply too lacunar, misleading.


jeanamontreal, I actually find the text very encouraging. this is an article, not an advertisement.

Encouraging ? Were you desperate ? :smiley:
J/K : I can see how and why yet…

I fail to see you’re talking about an ad.

An outsider will come out of that article not knowing that there is actually a future for Blender, that it can still be downloaded by anybody and that not just “current users” can take an interest in it. He or she will be under the impression that there are but a few tutorials, by “one user”, instead of tons of them and fresh ones at that.

So encouraging, yes ; a poor piece of journalism, you bet !

I agree with jeanamontreal
The fact that they feature is pretty cool but it’s true
that they do not fully understand the current community situation.

Someone viewing the text would probably not even attempt to pay
a visit to since they’re told that they do not have access to blender. The common reaction would seem, mhh okay, good for them…

  • Stungun

as an ex CA reader i’d have picked up on “free 3d program” and investigated as quickly as possible, especially when associated with something about character animation . . .

Damn damn damn cool.
Very cool.

BTW: Weirdhat, on your site, you have the URL wrong.

You have:
instead of:


haha digged up this post again huh :slight_smile:

Well, I think it’s great you thought to do that! Thanks, it can only further our situation in the right direction :slight_smile:

Love Ingie

Ahh… oops… I thought I fixed that before, but I guess I didn’t… thanks for pointing it out.

First an article in a mag, next it will be in the TV, Then prepare to WORLD DOMINATION!!! :slight_smile:

ok, so maybe not world domination. but we may take over, well, ok so world domination it is.
<Pinky and Brain tune>
The Blender, the Blender, the Blender and 25000 users worldwide.
</Pinky and brain tune>

So what should we do tonight, Ton?
The same thing we do every night. Prepare to take over MAYA!