Blender endorsement by SUSE Linux

I found that Suse Linux Professional comes with Blender bundled and they are describing it on the website here:

Also, the page states that 'The program has already been used for a number of Hollywood movies and is suitable for use in a professional environment". I’m curious as to which Hollywood movies they refer to (I read the Spiderman stuff, but that is ONE movie and they are talking about ‘a number of…’).

At least this kind of endorsement might help the recognision of Blender :slight_smile:

Interesting… Care to ask them about it?

Which movies?
In what capacity was it used?
What’s their source?

It’s quite possible for stuff like this to get by us here because there are many users who simply don’t post in these forums.

If it can be varified then perhaps Blender’s portfolio can be updated to reflect this usage.


Well, actually, “one” is a number as well. So… :smiley: But seriously, it has probably been used for more movies and lots of other stuff you never hear about. If you make 3d content for those kinds of projects, your employer won’t just let you post images on forums.

I guess that I will have to see loads of ‘the making of…’ documentaries and keep an eye out for any Blender screens to come along then… :wink:

that’s quite true. usually you have to sign a contract that states NONE of your material will be shared with ANYone other than the employer for any purpose.


I personnally saw some blender screens (old school GUI) in a short documentary on dinosaurs a few months ago (a year ago?) on a french TV station: M6 (the show was called E=M6 I think, but I’m not 100% sure it was for this show). I don’t recal any detail, sorry, except that there was many animations, among which was the one I saw: something like a palmed diplodocus (or Nessie?) swimming underwater… The animation clearly has had the old Blender’s scanline render feeling :wink:

Perhaps any other french blender head will remind more clearly of any detail than me?

what about mandrake?

before the blender foundation mandrake [again, not the free version] had blender 2.23

Yes, I remember and did a search:

The studio using Blender is contracted to Miramax.



If you look at the making of Finding Nemo section on the DVD, you will find a small clip of a pixar employee working on a computer with what appears to be GNOME.