blender engien point and click first person game

did you remember unity? that tells you how to make point and click first person games like myst style games?
I was thinking of blender, because blender is the only 3d mod prog i knew.
i was wondering (if there is a game render mode) then would it be published as a point and like game? = the 360 rotation?
if it was then how can you make a first person point and click game using blender?

Point and click?

Point = mouse over sensor
Click = mouse button sensor

That is the secret ;).

yes, yes there is a small leftover to implement … just a tiny bit :stuck_out_tongue:

but… how do you teleport to another spot with a click of the button? the node?

Bge got a lot of tutorials and resources plus games to study. To learn how to do it, you gonna have start from the begging.

the bge is special, in that its basically raw game engine. there is little optimization or prefabs to orient to a certain game style. this is good and bad, on the one hand it gives you great freedom to do almost anything, but on the downside its more work and the engine isnt as fast as it could be.

hmm… is there anything you can do to help?

it depends. i would be happy to offer help with scripting, but i have to confess, i have never heard of Myst, and im not fluent on the mechanics of a point and click setup as you mentioned.

from what i can guess, KX_GameObject.rayCast() function is going to be your best friend.

from bge import logic

cont = logic.getCurrentController()
own = cont.owner

over = cont.sensors["Mouse Over Sensor"].positive

click = cont.sensors["Mouse Click Sensor"].positive

if over and click:
    own.worldPosition = over.hitPosition

BGE? whats that?

The Blender Game Engine = BGE.

You, first and foremost, need to learn python.

Not to worry though, there are tons of tutorials out there you can learn from!

For leraning easy python, you can either:
-Scroll through the BGE API (hard way)
-Go to
-Go to YouTube. Some good youtubers that do BGE python tutorials are: Arsenal RSL, Goran, and some of the people who replied to you also do tutorials (I’m not one of them)

that’s easy.

Hehe, ( Myst vid )this is using a simple 2d engine with prerendered graphics. :stuck_out_tongue:
Here you go, download this game and imagine its your version of Myst -

teleport = set a new location.

There are many options to do that:

  • Motion actuator (sets a new location relative to the current one).
  • action actuator (can play actions with location channel)
  • Python (as seen above)

You should also consider, that you can change the scene. This is less a teleport rather than a new world.