blender engine error

hi again
im creating a car game but sometimes when i press “p” to start the game.
it come up with the “dont send” window and it crashes,
but when i have a simple game it does’nt.
any ideas?

List your specs for your computer if possible post a .blend file.

Are you using python scripts?

yes in the game im using car scripts.:yes:
heres a pic of the progress window (dunno what its called)

here is the blend
please don’t copy anything.
it will be of the enternet in a week or two
here is the blend (.zip) @3 mb

I have the same issue, pretty annoying as I can’t even play YoFrankie…I have a built in graphics card. Could that be the problem?

Well the yo franky game won’t work if you don’t have a card wich is capable of GLSL shaders, the majority of intergrated GPU’s can’t do GLSL shading.

Right, well i’m looking over the screen shot and i notice the hieght of (im guessing) the images is 1024, which is fine… However the width for atleast two of the images is over 30,000. Perhaps there is a corrupt shader, script and/ or images in the blend file which is causing this.

If you go into the default blend file and press P with just the default cube do you get the same error?

but does with other games it does’nt either