Blender Engineering Forum cluster?

Should there be another section here called blender engineering?


Engineering Help
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Should there be another section here called blender engineering?

I don’t think so.

I’ve also moved thread to the correct support forum.

Sorry, (I guess this is a better place)
and why not?

blender could control hardware, to print in 3d, and many others,
I would like to see a physical connection,


I think universities would throw $$ @ it as well,

We need to help where we can,

and import thing-verse content etc?

BA doesn’t really need a separate sub-forum for every little thing you can think up. Sure, I could hack blender to control my toaster but that doesn’t necessarily make it a good idea.

Also, everything isn’t about monetizing blender development.

Open source GUI,

Development of blender is good…

I don’t want to have to pay people, but they do eat food…

Engineering is a little thing ?

Test it out by creating a group

If there is a huge amount of interest then it may be worth creating a separate forum. If no interest then it is a ‘little thing’ in the eyes of the forum users.

ok done :slight_smile:

lets make it great,
invite anyone who may be interested in printing there models, or in design etc.

here is a interesting site…