Blender equivalent to 3ds Max's "Set Flow" operation?

Hey guys,

In the below video at around 3:15, the narrator talks about what looks like a really useful tool called Set Flow, and I’m wondering if there’s an equivalent in Blender.

Very sadly there’s no equivalent, would have been very useful to me in many of my modelling cases in which i had to use some workaround with relaxing and scaling to get some added edges to follow the “flow” of my surfaces, not practical.

Googling to see if there was some addon i may have missed i found this on the polycount board :

That looks extremely promising, but not being a member there, i have no idea if this user has completed his addon or even made it available.

Subdivide smooth the “vertical” edges, then edge-slide ?

Who said we don’t have Set Flow :).

Maybe not 100% accurate like 3ds Max but I think at least 98.99% accurate.

It does fail in more complex cases.

Thanks for pointing that, i had no idea that inverting the selection before using the looptool Curve could work like that.

I’ll have to try on some cases i had to see if it works better than my workarounds for the curvatures, as from the looks of it, it seems already much faster than what i was doing.

Thanks for the solutions, guys. I tried that “Curve” trick on a triangle fan circle with one loop going through the middle and it couldn’t smooth quite right, but it’s definitely better than fidgeting by hand. Something more closely approximating 3ds Max’s tool would be an amazing addition to Blender, I think.

Video is not available anymore, But damn that set flow tool really looks handy, so…
what was that video?

Ramboblender was showing how to utilize the Loop Tools “Curve” operation in Blender to approximate a similar result to the “Set Flow” feature in 3dsmax. Be sure you have your Loop Tools addon enabled in Blender, then select the edgeloops on which you wish to set a flow, invert the selection, then click the Curve tool. This will spread out the edges along the model to “match” the edgeloops you want to transition the edgeflow to. However, as others have pointed out, it will not work in all cases, and even less so on more complex geometric surfaces.

2019! can find it here

There is a set flow plugin for Blender as well.