Blender Equivalent to ZBrush Polygroup/ZRemesh Retopology?

Hello all I’ve been made aware of a particular method of retopology ZBrush is capable of by utilizing its polygroups to take a sculpt, mark key locations to preserve higher topology like knees elbows etc and simply hit Zremesh to arrive at something pretty close to game ready. It fits my needs though I am expressly curious if Blender has an option to do the exact same thing with any if its remesh alternatives, vowel remesh, quad remesh etc? I’ve tried testing to see if I could do something like this by marking seams in edit mode but it doesn’t seem to work. I specific need it to acknowledge the boundaries like Zbrush does and account for them when hitting Remesh to keep those areas higher poly. Thank you for your time :pray: please share thoughts. Example: