Blender error on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx

My Toshiba Satellite use ATI X1300 display card. I know that the display card not supported by Lucid nor ATI. I’ve fresh install Ubuntu Lucid and then install Blender 2.49 from the repos. First after fresh install Blender could run “rather” normal… with some lag in response on mouse click. But after I forced reinstall the display card using fglrx, Blender stopped running, and can’t run anymore. When I check in terminal it said “Segmentation Fault”.
Please help me how to fix this problems… are there any solution or am I must use Windows rather than Lucid?


Hi & welcome aboard.
ATI display cards are, unfortunately, a pain on linux.
A few suggestions:
#1. download and install the ATI released drivers for your card:
This usually fixes the problem.
#2. disable all desktop effects and esp image composition. If I have img composition enabled on my system (32 bit lucid), then firing up Blender practically stalls my system (Blender takes up 100% of the cpu).
#3. you might want to try the 2.53 beta or one of the latests builds from

thx for your advice :slight_smile:
I trying to stop desktop effect by turning off via effect panel>choose None. But seem some effect still there… maybe I wrong, I feel the effects still there because Blender lag in mouse response … btw thx… ^^