Blender Error!

Whenever I try to go into the UV Image Editor on the blend file of my game, OtherWorld, Blender crashes and gives me the following error: “blender.exe has encountered a problam and needs to close, we are sorry for the inconvienience.” Anyone know whats wrong? The image editor works fine in all my other blends just not on this one. It worked for a while then sudenlly started doing that. Any ideas? I can’t post a blend because the game is in closed testing… I might be able to remove alot of the objects and still get the error to ocour then post that blend though. Thanx!

That’s odd… is it trying to open a non-image or relatively obscure file type in the UV editor?

I can’t help you there. (I do, however, sometimes receive that message when I close Blender, which is rather redundant)