blender errors


i was reading the other forum about the errors on a dos console well i get the same thing with import site failed;use -v for traceback and
sys_init :warning-no sitedirs added from site module
well this happens and then my whole computer freezes except the mouse.
please tell me i can still use blender because it looks cool and i want to render my wings 3d models in it and maybe try it for animated and modeling so please tell me what to do =D

i was just wondering … i am on windows 98 se. would that matter? also i have a 32 meg video card an advanced gaming card or something i have the drivers that came with it installed. i have 192 megs or memory. also my 40 gig hard drive died so im on an older quantem bigfoot xt or something like that lol would any of this affect blender?

i may be wrong but i suggest you get XP, as everything before win 2k really really sucks

the exact same thing comes up on mine when it loads up and i have xp.
cept it doesnt freese up my CPU and i can basically ignore it, but i wonder what it does exactly?

read the stickies…search… i dont wanna be unfriendly, but this question (“error on startup”; “no sitedirs added”; etc.etc.) has been asked probably 10.000 times before. …guys, you know what? saying that, it seems to me that noone reads the stickies. so, it#s probably not your fault being lazy, but a flaw in the elysiun GUI…

as for the freezig - i’d bet it’s because of crappy w98.


I’ve got the same error messages when starting up Blender (luckily my PC didn’t crash). But after installing Python the message disappeared, I haven’t got it anymore. I don’t have a clue if that works for you but it might be worth to try it out.

(Note - I have XP)

ya, so where can you get the python download and how big is it?

It looks like it is 8-10 Mb.