Blender evee not doing same simple reflection as cycles

So basically when I have gloss material on sphere for exmaple and plane underneath it and a ligh. The reflection of the plane that can be seen on the spheres bottom when renderin it is missing in eevee, but in cycles it looks like it should ? Is this normal ?
I can take pictures and show this if somebody can help me how to do that :smiley:

You have to use light probes and/or reflection planes. EEVEE is not a raytracer, so things like reflections don’t work by default, you have to use some tricks to make them work. This is among the many trade offs in EEVEE to make it realtime.


Ah. So the raytrace is the key missing factor on eevee, I understand now thanks alot :slight_smile:

On the Render tab on the right side of the screen, there is an option called “Screen Space Reflections”. If you tick that box, you should see reflections.

Yes it works on the metall shader, but not on the glass shader. On the glass shader the whole sphere is just grey :confused:
Is it that you can’t make glass on eevee ?

Thanks. That Walters shader definetly looks more real than blender’s basic glass. Have to make that olav tutorial looks very good!